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Hvem var Faun

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Faunlogg Hvem var FAUN?

Nå kan du finne mer ut om lagets navn. Teksten er på engelsk. The spirits of agricultural fertility, probably related to the deity Faunus. They are sometimes confused with Pan and even with the satyrs, because sighting reports mention them as having the characteristics of both men and beasts.

It seems probable, however, that fauns are much prettier and more graceful creatures than the shaggy satyrs or Pan with his goatish extremities. A faun is more likely to have the legs, tail, and ears of a deer with the body and face of a handsome youth: smooth-skinned on the torso and arms and smooth-haired on the legs.

Their ancestor Faunus is credited with the invention of the shawm, a kind of flute, and the fauns are expert with this instrument. Nymphs have no fear of fauns, who are gentle harmless creatures, and a band of nymphs and fauns dancing together to the music of shawms is a pretty sight. Unfortunately the music often attracts a troop of satyrs, who come galloping up to seize the nymphs while the fauns scatter into the forest. Farmers and winegrowers like to have a resident faun on their properties. He is no menace to their womenfolk, makes an interesting conversation piece, and is a beneficial influence on the fertility of grain and grapes. There is a danger, however, that the enchanting notes of a faun\'s shawm will tempt an agriculturist\'s daughters out to dance naked in the moonlight.

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